Hey, my name is Aldin Mujevic. Not the name you’re used to. That’s fine. I’m a first generation kid from Montenegro. You probably aren’t used to hearing that either. That’s fine. My goal isn’t to explain where that is or my history. I’m here to reflect on a semester worth of work that I’ve done in the class. I’m an incoming Freshman studying Civil Engineering in City College of New York, specifically in the Grove School of Engineering. 

            This was my first English class in college, obviously. It isn’t meant to be hard, what makes it challenging is making the leap from high school to college. Making that leap not only physically and mentally, but also making that leap from a high school reader and writer to a college level one. That wasn’t as simple.

            The first big paper in the course was fitting. It was centered around myself and my life when it came to reading and writing. After finishing that paper, I realized something that I wasn’t expecting. I was expecting it to be any other paper I’ve written before, just submit and keep going. To not think about it. However, I kept pointing out how English was never my best subject, and every time I should’ve had a turnaround, I didn’t. I realized there were many low points where I should’ve changed. As cliche as this sounds, That was my turning point. To keep the suspense, I’ll let you have to go onto my Literacy Narrative drop-down menu to learn more.

            This was more of the same for the other two assignments. Yes, I was writing them out and doing them, but I had realizations about them throughout. I don’t want to go into too much depth so that my portfolio becomes really repetitive so I won’t. I will go onto my Final thoughts instead.

  Overall, I’m glad to say I was very satisfied with the class and professor. He seemed like someone that is very relatable and understanding. He seemed like someone that I could talk to and he would make exceptions if needed. The class was great. Better than I expected at least. When you take an entry level English class you can’t really expect much. However, I can easily say I gained a lot from the course. Whether that be writing skills, confidence in my writing, or being really grumpy on Tuesdays and Thursdays because the class was so early, it was all parts of the class. One thing I wanted to say was during the last class, we were talking about the pros and the cons of the course, what we liked and didn’t. All I wanted to say to that was it was really hard to choose any cons. All the things that were pointed out were very nit picky and only done because you were asking. The pros had a much bigger lasting effect on us.

            That’s my introduction to me and what I’ve got for you! Go onto the next page to get a deeper understanding!

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